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Footnote for Precious Metals Fees

These fees will be charged each month that metals are held in your IRA account based upon the current value of the metals held in your account. If a combination of metals (e.g. silver and gold) are held in the account, then you will be charged the “Both Metals” pricing for storage. Metals prices are established based upon current spot prices in the open market. All metals held are updated to reflect the current market prices. Storage fees are assessed based upon the total types and value of all metals held in the account on the first of the month. Storage fees will be collected from funds held in the account. If there is a shortfall in the account, you will be invoiced for the shortfall and you will be required to get those funds back into the account. If fees remain open for more than 90 days, we will liquidate enough metals to cover the costs of the open fees. Any metals purchased or sold after the monthly account fee has been assessed, will not change the storage fee for that month. Storage fees are not prorated or reduced in the month that metals are sold from the account.