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self directed ira custodial service

With either a traditional or Roth IRA at AE-Trust, the investments can be self directed by you. Most self directed IRA custodians put your retirement savings into some investment which those companies sell. These self-serving types of custodians are the mutual fund, bank, brokerage and life insurance companies. But a self directed IRA custodian with AE-Trust, as the name implies, you make the investment choices and the types of investments are almost limitless. With the self directed IRA account, AE-Trust is simply an independent administrator handling the investment transactions which you dictate, and doing the custodial administrative and record keeping work.

Further, AE-Trust will allow you to invest in non-traditional investments with a self directed IRA, and none of those other custodian types listed above will allow this. Non-traditional investments can include: Real estate, private placements, trust deeds, oil-gas-energy and thinly traded or limited offering investments, both public and private.

A Self Directed Custodian for a Truly Self Directed IRA.

We are more of a truly self directed IRA custodian in that we do not place limits or constraints on your investment choices. Most of our clients are investing in real estate, private placements, oil and gas projects, condos, hard money lending, or their own LLC with checkbook control. As you can see this opens up a world of possibilities.

AE-Trust does offer some investment choices which you can pick from if you prefer, but these are strictly optional (see the IRA Investment Options button above). Otherwise, you or your investment advisor make all the buy and sell decisions. In that case we only engage in investments, transactions and sell orders which you or your investment advisor dictate to us. For a large number of people the self directed approach makes the most sense because you aren't locked into the narrow choices and self serving interests of a mutual fund, bank, brokerage or life insurance company custodian.

When you self direct your choice of investments, AE-Trust charges a simple All-In-One fee, the self-directed IRA industry's lowest cost annual fee. There are no fees which are a percentage of your investments as with other self-directed IRA custodians. And some of the optional investments offered by AE-Trust will provide you with a free IRA account. See the IRA Fees link on the left side of this page for more information.

To open a self directed IRA, roll your existing IRA or old 401(k) over to an AE-Trust IRA account. Do this by picking the appropriate enrollment form below, and in that form you will be able to select our optional investments or any other investment of your choice for your IRA funds:

Click Here for the AE-Trust Traditional IRA enrollment application form

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