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IRA Checkbook control and non-traditional investing with a self-directed IRA have always been legal. But very few IRA custodians will allow this, and the few who do permit it don't do it well and are quite expensive. However, non-traditional investing with self-directed IRAs is the core specialty at AE-Trust. No one does it better, makes it easier, does it as inexpensively or knows nearly as much about it as AE-Trust. We will be able to answer all your questions quickly and expertly, and with proper guidance to avoid any legal pitfalls.

Non-Traditional Investments Including:

  • Real Estate
  • Private Placement Offerings
  • Other Limited Securities Offerings
  • A Private Business
  • Bullion - Precious Metals
  • Trust Deeds
  • Loans To Outsiders
  • Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds
  • And Many Other Investments

Checkbook and hands on control will benefit you most when investing in real estate, a private business, bullion or precious metals for physical possession, trust deeds and loans to outsiders. To have physical control over your IRA's funds your AE-Trust self-directed IRA must be integrated with a special purpose trust or limited liability company (LLC). AE-Trust transfers your IRA money to the trust or LLC in exchange for its ownership shares. You will be the manager of the trust or LLC and that position gives you the hands on and checkbook control.

AE-Trust trust creates the self-directed IRA account and serves as custodian. You will roll your existing IRA or old 401(k) money over to this account, and some or all that money is then transferred to your trust or LLC. For creation of the special purpose trust or LLC we refer you to our sister company, Accuplan Benefits Services (www.accuplan.net). Don't worry, we make all this work seamlessly for you, you never even know that you are dealing with two different companies. The best place to get more information or start the process is by contacting Ben Barker at the phone or e-mail below. Let Ben know you want more information about "checkbook control of an IRA".

When checkbook control may be unnecessary: You won't necessarily benefit from checkbook control when investing in private placements and other limited securities offerings, unless that is just the way you prefer to do business. Typically these investments require little or no on-going management. So, you may be just as well off, or better off, by putting these assets directly in your AE-Trust self-directed IRA. In this case you would arrange for AE-Trust (as the IRA custodian) to write the checks for purchases of these investments.

Move your existing IRA (or old 401(k) money) to an AE-Trust self-directed IRA right now and start receiving the above benefits:

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American Estate & Trust does not offer, recommend or endorse any specific investment. The investments listed are for educational and informational purposes. The investments for your account must be chosen by you. AET will not approve or provide any due diligence for any investments that you choose for your account.

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